How to Verify Google Search Console (GSC)

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Are you a website owner? Are you looking for how to verify Google search console? Not worry, in this guide I’m going to share about how to verify Google search console (formerly Google webmaster tools). Google search console is free SEO tools that provide you website data such as link, search matrix, keyword position, search volume, geo-targeted traffic, index matrix, technical issue and more. Also, GSC suggests the solution to the issue of your website.

What is verification?

Verification is a process of proving your property to claim your own. Google search need to confirm you that the property you have to add on search console is your own. Every search console property demands at least verified owner.

For Google search console verification I’m using four methods. Here these are…

1. Verify through HTML file upload to the root file:

You can verify ownership of your website by uploading HTML file to your website. So, First sign in Google account. If you have not Google account then create from here. After login Google account then go to the link or search on Google “Google search console” and click the URL like below the image.

Google search console
Search and select from results

In the next image, you’ll see two option to verify a website. Choose the second option (it’s a pretty easy method) and enter your website. You can use your domain, sub-domain, http://, https://, WWW and non-WWW version. In my view, I recommend using https:// Protocol if you already have install SSL on your website. See here how to install SSL on the website. Then click the “Continue” button.

Google Search Console interface
Select URL Prefix

After that, you’ll see that screen, click the button (See below the image) and download the file provided by Google search console.

Download HTML verification code
Click & download HTML verification code

Now you’ll have to login your root folder where store all your website file called file manager. Open the directory where your website has stored (normally website file store in “Public_html”). Now, click the upload button and upload the file which you already have download on your machine from Google search console.

Upload HTML file in the root folder
Upload HTML file in the root folder

After finishing upload the verification file now returns to search console and click the “Verify” button. Next screen you will see your search console dashboard. You made your verification success.

2. Verify the website through HTML tag:

Log in to search console and enter your website then click the next button. In the interface, you’ll see Other verification methods, click the HTML tag. After the click, you’ll see an HTML code (mainly it’s a meta tag). Copy the code then login to your file manager or website dashboard and edit the theme header.php file. Now paste the code before ending head (</head>) tag. Go back to your Google search console and hit the verify button.

verification through HTML tag
Copy the HTML meta tag

3. Verify through the Yoast SEO plugin:

If your content management system (CMS) is WordPress you‘ll do it for quite easy. Now let’s go ahead. After entering your website click the verify button and copy the verification code (see below the image).

Google search console varification code
Copy the verification code

Log in to your WordPress dashboard and install a plugin called “Yoast SEO”. Active the plugin and click the “webmaster tools” button like below the image and paste the verification code in the box. Then click the save button and return the search console dashboard and click the verify button. Now your ownership verification process is success.

Verify through Yoast SEO Plugin
Verify through Yoast SEO Plugin

4. Verify through ALL IN ONE SEO plugin:

This is the same method of Yoast SEO plugin. Install the All in One SEO plugin from your WordPress dashboard and paste the search console verification code and save. Then return the GSC panel and click verify.

verification through all in one seo plugin
verification through all in one SEO plugin

Using SEO plugin verification is pretty easy. So you can verify your website (ownership) using above any method. These methods are working on a direct website dashboard or c-panel.

Verify Blogger website:

If you have a website and creating through blogger platform it is too easy to verify your ownership. Google search console added and verify your blogger website automatically in your search console account. If your website does not appear in your search console account then you should add your website manually and search console verify your website automatically. Remember, if you add a top-level domain on your blogger website it probably needs to verify manually through the “HTML tag” method.


In the last, you remember, google search console just verify ownership of the property. So you just verify site using only one method which you feel better and easy, not take this complicated.

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