Need More Likes On Instagram Posts? Use Top 30 Hashtags on Post

hashtags for likes
hashtags for likes

You never should underestimate the power of a simple Instagram hashtag. The simple hashtag plays a vital and important role that you won’t think before. A simple hashtag makes your post more importance to others and hashtag spreading your Instagram reach likes and its develop increasing your follower. So a simple hashtag can help you increase follower and likes. You shouldn’t avoid an Instagram hashtag.

In this article, I am going to talk about hashtags for likes on Instagram and sharing the most popular hashtag.

What is a hashtag?

The hashtag is a word or phrases start with pound sign also known as hash (#) which link the post where the hashtag being used for. Generally, when people enter a keyword or keyphrase in the search box and hit the enter button most of the post you can see using the hashtag which you have search for. So if you think you want to get on millions of the search result and get the attention of the user you should have use hashtag.

Hashtags for likes:

Many individuals use the hashtags for likes and many are used for the follower. I have share 100 most popular hashtag all over time. For popular, people are using these tags for likes and followers. Here is the list of getting peoples like on Instagram…































The main purpose of using the hashtag:

If you are a marketer then you should have use hashtag. In a survey of omnicoreagency Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement. Every marketer knows how to get engagement and how much tough to convince people to follow a brand or business. People are busy and they love shortcut way to find you. Sometimes it not mature to stay connected, but a hashtag makes it easy and remarkable. Another survey says that people used the hashtag to communicate personal ideas and feelings. The most popular reason for using a hashtag is to search or follow someone’s category or business brands of their concern. People are using the hashtag to discover new or branded content. 41 percent of people would click on a hashtag to learn and explore more about brand or product. Omnicoreagency’s survey says that most of the brand owner use hashtag in their every post and that is 7 out of 10. So every marketer or person remember that hashtag, not a simple word, it is a quite Perl of gaining traffic.

You can also take a survey on Instagram for researching some influencer account. When you researching some influencer account you will find a hashtag appear their every post. The same trick you can see every business or branded account. You can find every business use a branded hashtag for their post. It helps them to hold on all their targeted and new consumer.

How to use the hashtag:

Instagram allows 30 hashtags for every post, but the best practice is to use 10 hashtags every post and cover 30 hashtags in 3 posts. Do not use the same hashtag in the same day but that Instagram will shadow your post and account.


Likes are not the main purpose of using the hashtag, but it makes someone happy with posting on Instagram. Always remember to use the hashtags for followers. When you use the hashtag for flowers automatically you gain a lot of like from your flowers so I hope you understand.

With a simple post, I have covered with hashtags for likes and how to implement on the post. If you think you have made a new day with this post please share the post on your timeline. Also, appreciate your valuable comment about this post.



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