10 Incredible Useful Free Image Compressor Tools For Small Businesses

free image compressor tools

Do you want to resize or compress your image before uploading them on your website? Sometimes they may be a large number of image & a large size that upload on website. The large size of the image can be taking too much server space and take too much time to load. So, you can be optimizing or compress your photo before uploading on your website. You can compress image to 100kb online through free image compression tools. Optimize image can speed up your website and reduce the bounce rate. In this article, I am going to share about 10 free image compressor tools that can help you to optimize your all image in a little time.

Much offline software like adobe photoshop is quite expensive to use for a small business owner for compress the image. In this article which I include some free and paid compressor tools. However, some of the free online image compressor tools that deliver an amazing result without losing image quality. The both (free and paid) I review in this guide.

1. jpeg-optimizer:


jpeg-optimizer is a very simple image optimization tools that are allowed to compress image with resizing them in a single click and reduce file size of photos.

In this tool, you can resize the image what you want. It is a quite easy tool where you resize and compress the image both within a second. Jpeg-optimizer compress jpeg to 100kb. So, reduce the file size and upload a simple image with no quality loss and load faster on your site.

The downside of these tools is only compressed jpeg, jpg format and do not compress large size of the image. Also, it has an EXIF reader.

2. Imageresize:

Imageresize is an advanced PNG and JPEG image compression tools for reducing image without losing image quality. It is an awesome image compressor online software that has two different way to compress any image. One of is the uploaded image and other is uploading via image link. You can compress 20 JPEG or PNG image at a time. If you want to compress image via uploading image URL you just select “URL” tab and paste the image URL and hit the add button. After adding a couple of images then you have to click the compress images button.

Color picker, meme generator, bulk resizer, and enlarger are other tools of Imageresize.

3. Imagecompressor:

Imagecompressor (formally optimizilla) is lossy image compressor tools that have a allow to compress image with quality control. It has an awesome display to view your image quality. You can drag the quality button to get the best quality of the image. Higher is better compression but lower image quality and lower is the best image quality and lower compression, you have to choose what is best for you. In this tool, you can be compressed 20 images at a time.

4. Kraken.io:

If you have too many images you can choose bulk upload in kraken.io. This tool allows you to upload bulk and reduce a small size of image with have image quality. This is an amazing tool. You can download image one by one or in a full zip format to save your time. This tool has three types of compression these are lossy, lossless and expert. You can be resizing your image with a single click.

They have paid plan also. If you are an advanced user You can purchase their paid plan to upgrade your account and get more awesome features.

Their free version allows you to compress 100MB month and optimize larger image up to 1MB.

They have a WordPress and magneto plugin.

5. Compressnow:

With a very simple interface, this tool works very simply and faster. You need to upload file or drag and drop the file in the drag section and select the compression level and click the “compress now” button. You can download a single image or a zip file. In this tool, you can compress JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG images. They allow uploading max 9MB of image. It is a very pretty much simple tool.

6. Tinypng:

Simple but very much awesome, just drag and drop the image or upload your image it compresses your image itself without losing your image quality. Tinypng allows upload max 5MB size of each image and up to 20 images at a time. You can download each image clicking by the download button one by one or can download all file in a zip format. You can also save your compressed image to dropbox.

Tinypng is pretty much popular tools for its compression level and quality level. It has an offline compression tool for adobe photoshop.

You can use their add on for WordPress and magneto to avoid go their website. Tinypng has a pro plan. You can upgrade a pro plan for $25/yr and Upgrade 5 MB to 25 MB file size limit.

7. Compressor.io:

Compressor.io allows you to compress 4 types of file JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG and up to 10MB of each image size. Its compression level is lossy and lossless. In lossless, you can compress JPG and PNG images. After uploading your image, it compresses your image itself. It has an awesome slider to view your compress and original image at a time. You can also download the image and save your image in dropbox and google drive.

8. Imagerecycle:

Imagerecycle is an image and PDF compression tools. No need to hesitation you just upload the image and this tool automatically optimize and compress your image with the best quality of the image. After optimizing the image you can download the image.

This tool has a pro plan and has an add on for WordPress and magneto. In the free account, you can get 15 days free trial and get 100MB for compress image and PDF.

9. Resize-photos:

resize-photos is a free online image resize and compressor tools that allow to compress and resize the image at a time. 1st step you just need to select the image and then 2nd step you have to select the image width what you want to resize and then drag the quality tag for image quality. After that select your output file type which you want to get after optimize. After selecting all your demandable option now click the “upload & resize” option. This tool allows you to edit and implement awesome effect on the image after optimize. If you want to edit or add an effect on an image you can use some option to make that or you can download the optimized image click the download button. The allowed format is JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and PSD.


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