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What Is Content Egg

Content egg is an autoblogging software. It is an all in one Solution tool that creates profitable websites, affiliate websites, e-commerce websites, deals, price comparison & product reviews. Content egg supports many affiliate networks like Amazon,eBay, Walmart and has a clear interface that saves important time and effort when building affiliate websites. 

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How Does it Work

When it has come to content egg, it is a template-based tool. It saves marketing effort and developing costs. This tool mainly works with API keys given by affiliate networks. 

After integrating content egg with affiliate programs you just enter a keyword and then click the search. Content egg searches and displays results of products. You have to choose the product and then this plugin gives you a shortcode of selected product which can be published with post.

Content egg wordpress plugin
Content Egg WordPress Plugin

Content Egg Features

  • You can easily add offers from different affiliate systems through keyword.
  • Search and add relevant content and product.
  • Automatically adds the associate ID to links.
  • Works with WordPress shortcodes.
  • Works by official API.
  • Autoblogging system with monetizing and content autopilot.
  • Multi-Language system, you can run a website with any language
  • Automatically update prices and offers from monetizer.
  • Simple interface: you can add all content from the post admin page.
  • Works with any WordPress themes.
  • Make comparison sites.
  • Make e-commerce sites.
  • WooCommerce product synchronization.
  • WooCommerce auto blogging.
  • Price tracker and alert.
  • Best value with the ReHub theme.

Content Egg Free version

Content egg is a WordPress plugin with two versions. One is free and the other one is pro. You can use both of them in the WordPress platform. In the free version, you just add a limit to the associated accounts. You can integrate amazon, youtube, Commission Junction only on the free version. 

However, you could auto blogging with the free version of WordPress content egg plugin.

Content Egg Pro Version

If you have more than one or two associate programs you can buy their pro version. In their pro version, you will get lots of associate integration like amazon, eBay, Walmart, ClickBank, Aliexpress, Ozon and many more. Right now in the content egg adds the capability to work with more than 20 affiliate networks and new ones are constantly added. You can integrate with affiliate egg which is another affiliate plugin from content egg developer.

How to Install Content Egg

Download this plugin from WordPress directory. Go to your website admin panel, navigate plugin option and click add new. Then click upload option select your plugin and click upload and then click active.

After active, navigate ContentEgg>Settings and then select your associate and follow the next instruction. Once you integrate your plugin with an associate via API you are ready to start to autopilot your website. You can now add your preferred product.


Content egg is a template-based WordPress plugin that helps you make money without effort. Integrating affiliate egg with content egg better result for your auto blogging. I am using content last 1 year and I save my time and effort.

I hope this plugin will help you start your affiliate marketing journey. If you have any question about this plugin please comment below, I will help with my effort. If you find this post helped you please do a share.

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